Links To Redirecting Self-Therapy (RST)


Self-help treatment/resources for depression, social & generalized anxiety disorders, addictions, PTSD, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, bipolar, anorexia/bulimia, attention deficit disorder, and other emotional disorders/symptoms.  RST is an alternate therapy/cure based on the principle that mental symptoms are a "detox crisis" that can be discharged by releasing suppressed anger from early trauma.   Easy enough for anyone to learn in a few hours.

This Website serves as a pointer to other websites about RST, a free self-therapy.  This profound discovery by neuroscientist Elnora Van Winkle is one of the most important discoveries made in mental science.  This cure is based on the discoveries of many others before her.  Ellie has discovered one of the last pieces of the puzzle - in finding a cure for all forms of mental/emotional disorders.  It is the most advanced therapy available.  It is totally free and uses the minds own innate ability to heal itself. 

Getting this discovery recognized may take years.  Traditional psychiatry is slow to recognize new advances in mental science.   Ellie did her best to promote her discovery.  However, she did not have a million dollars and a research grant.  For now, all we can offer as proof is personal testimony.  Releasing anger is not exactly a new concept, but Ellie has refined the process to a degree not previously understood.

Most people will dismiss this discovery as to-good-to-be-true.   For those of you who can keep an open mind, you are already on the road to recovery. provides an easy to remember address to share with others.

Note:  Ellie Van Winkle passed away in August of 2001, at the age of 73.  This has left her therapy with no one to promote/defend/explain her discovery.  This website is my small attempt to see that one of the most important discoveries made in the field of mental health does not fade into obscurity.




What's this all about?  A quick FAQ (question and answers) written by Ellie can be viewed here:


Also, one of the shortest explanations of the therapy can be found in Ellie's pdf pamphlet here (about five minutes of reading):   (32kb)



One of the complaints I receive about this website - "there's just too much reading to do".    OK, I hear you.  But I don't know of a way around this issue.  The fastest way to learn the therapy is to download the "short version of the forum archives" (link below).  This is where you will find the most complete discussion of the theory, and how to practice it.   Ellie wasn't able to get her book published before she passed away, so it will take a little reading.  This profound discovery is in its infancy, and no one person/website has control of it.  Please take the time to check out all the links.   It will be well worth your time.




Finding the actual "how to" of the therapy will necessitate a little reading.  Ellie was a prolific writer at explaining the biological theory of her discovery.   She was not the best website designer.   The majority of Ellie's website is the biological theory, and maybe 10% "how to".  If you wish to simply learn the therapy, you can skim past the biological theory for now.  The "how to" is scattered throughout the site, and will require a little reading.  You will also find her fascinating biography, and history of her own mental illness.




Ellie's original websites have expired since her passing.  A copy of her website has been made here:




Of all the reading you do, the Yahoo forum in this link will be the most important.


This is the Yahoo forum started by Ellie in 1999 for discussion of RST.   You can't sign up or join this discussion group, as it is merely an archive of messages during the time Ellie ran the forum.  All the messages are publicly viewable. Do not try to post a message - as the forum is inactive.  There is very important information here about the theory and practice of her therapy.  It is very important to take the time to read through the archived messages before starting this therapy.  Not understanding the therapy is the main reason people may fail and give up too soon.   Everyone who has practiced the therapy *correctly* has been helped.  Make sure to read the last two messages about Ellie's death and the future of the forum.




Reading through the 1000+ messages in Ellie's Yahoo forum can be time consuming, especially if you are on a dial up modem.  Many of the messages do not deal directly with the "how to" of the therapy.   The forum messages also deal with diet, testimonies, and a sprinkling of religious beliefs.  However, there is an alternative to sifting through the message (online) one by one.  All of the forum messages have been compiled into one downloadable file.  This file is in rich text format (.rtf), which should be viewable by any basic word processor. 


Or, if you prefer, you can download the short version of the forum archives.  The short version has been reduced to  messages that contain the essence of RST.   Repeating messages and miscellaneous subjects have been removed.  This will get you started faster if you don't have the time to read the complete forum archives.

Complete Yahoo ForumArchives.rtf    (file size 3.6meg)

Short Version Of The Forum Archives  (file size 760K)

Right click on the links and select "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer), to download to your computer   Other web browsers will have a similar way to download.  I recommend you commit to about an hour/night, for about 4-5 days to read through the messages before starting RST.  I realize this is very time consuming.   Ellie wrote a book, but could not get it published before she passed away.  This is all we have for now.




John Speyrer hosts the "Primal Psychotherapy Page", a website about Primal Therapy - and regressive therapies in general.  John Speyrer had some correspondence  with Ellie before she passed away.  Ellie provided some information to John, which he posted on his website.   This is an easier-to-understand  lay version of her theory - well worth reading if you find Ellie's main website too technical.




If you feel this website is of value, please link to it from your website.  This will help its ranking in the search engines - and help get the word out.  This website is merely a public service - there is no money involved.  It is my way of thanking Ellie for ending my own suffering.  I am committed to keeping this site active as long as I'm alive.  This website created - July 2003